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When it comes to real estate in Calgary Alberta, Yvette Nesry is your professional, experienced, and award winning REALTOR®. Get to know her by watching this quick video introduction and learn more about the VIP experience.

If you're looking to sell your home, learn more about Yvette's selling process to get top dollar. 

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When it comes to selling your home in Calgary, Yvette Nesry has the ultimate strategy to help you sell for the highest possible price. Learn more by watching her video and getting to know her marketing strategy below. Need a free home evaluation? No problem, click below to get started.


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When it comes to buying a home in Calgary, Yvette Nesry can help you narrow down and find your dream home with ease. Watch the brief video to learn more about this strategy and start your search for your home in Calgary or surrounding areas today.


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When it comes to real estate in Calgary Alberta, you need a REALTOR® you can trust. Thankfully, your search ends here with one of the most trusted agents in Calgary : Yvette Nesry. Read more on why other clients like you have chosen her from these trusted sources.

Diane Pollo

I highly recommend Yvette to anyone in need of a realtor. You can rest assured you will have a realtor who has your best interests in mind with Yvette. She conducts herself with the highest level of integrity I have experienced with realtors, and I have bought and sold 12 times in Calgary over the past 30 years. Yvette is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects that impact the real estate market. Yvette ensures her advice is supported by facts and information. She will research and confirm any information you require. Yvette is highly attentive to your individual needs and interests. If you are selling, she is extremely skilled at highlighting the features of your property and the type of buyers that would be a good match. Yvette is very detailed and provided me complete and thorough guidance of every step in the selling process. Yvette communicates extremely effectively with everyone involved in your real estate transaction including other realtors and even lawyers if you require. She ensures you are completely informed of any feedback she receives and provides advice on how to best show your property. Yvette is always very professional and always available when you need her. Her communication throughout the entire process was spectacular. You can be assured with Yvette as your realtor that you are being given the best service any realtor can provide.

Dave and Wilma Brunet

Yvette is a real gem. A better realtor you will never find. Yvette is unique in that her analytical background gives her an in-depth understanding of the housing market in which she is able to extrapolate information that is relevant and valuable to you as a home seller or buyer. It has been 30 years since we had to go through this process of selling our home and Yvette was there every step of the way to guide and support us through the process. She also assisted us in purchasing a vacant lot to build a new home outside of Calgary. Yvette is approachable 24/7, always has your best interest at heart and gets results! She is very passionate about her work and has a lot of energy. Yvette is extremely knowledgeable, professional and possesses many qualities that we value ourselves and want in a realtor - integrity, transparency, honesty, trustworthy, a strong work ethic and excellent negotiator. She is true to her word and is 100% loyal to her client. Yvette knows the right questions to ask, is always thinking ahead and is able to see the whole picture, enabling her to work very efficiently and effectively for you. We are so blessed and so grateful to have Yvette as our realtor and new friend. Thanks to her the whole process was effortless for us and we are extremely happy. Whether you are selling or buying a home, we “strongly” recommend Yvette Nesry. Simply put, she is truly one of a kind and in our opinion, the best in her field!

Ilan Graifer

Yvette is the ULTIMATE real estate professional!!! She is knowledgeable, hard working, and very detail oriented agent. I had the pleasure of having her assist me on two separate transactions, and she came through on both of them. The level of knowledge of the market allows her to find the right property, and she is not afraid to give an honest advice when one is needed. If she feels there is an issue with a property, she will let you know, and I would say she is always there to look out for your best interests. You simply can't go wrong when you choose Yvette for your real estate needs!

Meyer Schoeman

I can say without a doubt that Yvette is the best realtor we have ever dealt with. She was quick to respond, professional, exceptionally pleasant and kept us updated at all times. Her in-depth knowledge of current market trends and what price to list your house at clearly showed. In our neighbourhood the average time on market was 66 days at the time of our listing. Our house sold in 17 days in a very tough market with loads of competition. She walked us through the whole process, literally from start to finish. We found her very strong background in staging invaluable as we were able to present our house in the best way possible. This, combined with the beautiful photos her team took, resulted in oodles of showings and a very successful open house. If you want the sale of your home (which is stressful in itself) to be as smooth as it possibly can and like working with competent, pleasant people with integrity, the choice is obvious. Thank you so much Yvette!

Jim Leung

On a referral from the admin staff at Rocky Mountain Court, I conencted with Yvette Nesry to help us sell our condo. She met me next day and suggested a listing price I was comfortable with. She set up the condo for pictures to be taken and listed it on MSL within a week. She was professional, courteous and knowlegdable about the current realestate market. She update me often and with every offer described the details and the pros/cons. She was instrumental in selling our condo in a timely manner and for a price we were happy with. The customer care, communciation and attention to detail was exemplary. I would hire her again to sell my property without any worry and know the listing is in good hands. Thanks Yvette for a wonderful and stressfree experience. - Jim Leung

Fred Crane

There’s a reason Yvette is frequently #1 – she earns it! She loves real estate and that passion shows in her commitment to you. She knows the market, she sees what’s “between the lines”, and she’s honest and truthful. She explains your options so you can make the decision that’s right for you. You get the same level of service whether it’s an entry level or a high-end property. She’s now sold our second property – and on the same day it listed at full asking price! I’ll admit that I’m not one to write reviews. However, I think it’s important that people know there is a realtor out there who works hard for you and gets you results.

Geta Racovita

We just sold our home with Yvette Nesry. She made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be. Yvette really listened, cares passionately about her job and her calming manner worked wonders for us. Thank you Yvette! Highly recommended!

Adam Hayman

As first time home buyers, Yvette was perfect. She helped us through all the hoops and had great recommendations for any question posed. We were...

Diane Pollo

I have had the pleasure of Yvette’s realtor services as a seller and just recently now as a buyer as well. Yvette is very knowledgeable about the Calgary and area housing market which is a big advantage when you need and choose a realtor. She pays attention to detail like no other, she always takes note of what is important to you the client, and is always looking out for the client’s best interest. Yvette can be counted on to be open, honest, candid and always extremely professional in all her dealings with clients and other realtors as she works to give her best at all times. Yvette communicates extremely well throughout the entire process, leaving no detail unattended. And she works at making the entire process as smooth as possible, again, attending to all details including legal and otherwise, not just her part. Anyone looking for a realtor who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, who will always work for the client’s interest, and who will work diligently and professionally will find all that and more in choosing Yvette as a realtor. You will not go wrong with Yvette as your realtor. You can rest assured Yvette will always take the best of care of you and all related matters throughout the buying (and/or selling) process from beginning to end. She truly is passionate about her work and has the highest of standards in the business.

Yuriy & Yuliya Prykhodko

The best Realtor ever - high professional of her work. Knows a lot, suggested only right things. Great thank you - Yvette!!!! I will recommend Yvette as the best Realtor and great Personality!!!!!

Breanne Crane

This was my first time selling a house, and Yvette's knowledge, professionalism, and ease of communication made this whole process so smooth! I learned a lot about the process, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell and/or purchase a home. 5 stars all around!

Jeffrey Freele

Yvette is on the top of her game attention to detail helpful making great recommendations, knows the market, it didn’t take long before we found the house we wanted, I highly recommend Yvette, she know The Calgary market and knows value.

Jennifer MacCallum

Yvette was one of the most hands on agents I've worked with, you can tell she cares about you and actually works for you. I'm excited to work with her again in the future....

Dave and Wilma Brunet

We moved from a big city to a small town. From this experience we learned that small town realtors operate differently and do not uphold the same high standards or professionalism as realtors do in the larger major centers. Every interaction with the small town realtor presented a challenge and Yvette was right on top of it. Yvette is extremely knowledgeable and knows her job inside out. There isn’t any task too big or too small that Yvette can’t handle, and this is why it is so important to have Yvette working for you. She wants YOU to be HAPPY and will do everything in her power to achieve that. When Yvette takes you on as a client you become her #1 priority and it is so comforting to be in such competent and capable hands. Not only is Yvette an excellent realtor but on a personal note, she is a beautiful human being, with a kind and loving heart, and fun sense of humor. She has a positive outlook on life and is a joy to know on both a business and personal level. We are proud to call her our friend. Yvette is truly a rare find and I can honestly say with 100% confidence that if you want the very best, and the job done right, you have it in Yvette. You only have everything to gain with Yvette Nesry as your realtor and we couldn’t be more happy and more grateful.


As first time home buyers, Yvette was incredible to work with. She made us feel comfortable with the experience by empowering us with knowledge. We felt Yvette really understood our needs and was prompt to respond to our requests. She also has a great network of contacts to help aid in the home buying process. We would highly recommend Yvette and would gladly work again with her in the future.

Alexandre Meson

Super hard working, extremely knowledgeable, professional, experienced…the list could go on. Will 100% recommend her from here on in and work with her whenever I need an agent. It was a pleasure, thanks Yvette!!!

Fred & Debby Crane

There’s a reason Yvette is frequently #1 – she earns it! She loves real estate and that passion shows in her commitment to you. She knows the market, she sees what’s...


The house Yvette helped us buy is awesome! She was great to work with! I would recommend her to anyone buying a home! What a wonderful experience! Can't wait to move!


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Yvette Nesry on the sale of my home! She was very motivated and highly efficient. With her direction my sale went through in mere days! Definitely will recommend her to anyone I know wishing to sell and relocate!

Louise Robertson

Thanks to Yvette always being available no matter what time of day or day of the week, the whole process of buying in a very hectic market went very smoothly...

Ian Payne Fitzsimmons

Yvette helped us sell our home, she did an amazing job as usual! She takes the time to go over the important information, comparable properties, marketing...

Alix Moon

Yvette was great. She sent many appropriate listings for me to see. She was available when she was needed. She was adept at putting in an offer when I was in another province. I would highly recommend her.

Andrew Snider

Yvette is a very hard-working, diligent, creative REALTOR! She helped me to sell my condo in a poor market, and she spared no effort to do so. She gave me ample staging advice which clearly increased the appeal of my condominium to prospective buyers. She continually monitored activity in my market segment to learn what was working, and adjusted here strategies accordingly. She did open houses and worked her contacts until she found an interested buyer, and then applied her outstanding negotiating skills to get me an excellent price on good terms. Not only that, but she guided me through all the steps in the condo selling process, from staging to listing to preparing a condominium document package at a value price to negotiating a deal to reviewing the contract and closing! I have every confidence that Yvette has the best interests of all of her clients at heart, and passionately applies her knowledge and experience to pursuing those interests! Whether you are looking to buy or sell, whether you are new to real estate or very experienced, you will find no better REALTOR in the Calgary area. Yvette's professionalism and personalized service are second to none. I highly recommend her services to anyone who will listen! Choose the best - choose Yvette!

Lisa Shipka

Yvette provided maximum, friendly, and memorable support during our home purchase. She accommodated the property criteria of myself and my two daughters and found us the perfect forever home! I would recommend Yvette to any prospective home buyer without hesitation. Yvette is a leader in the Calgary home sales and takes her commitment to home buyer satisfaction seriously!

Janneta Zelezkina

I totally think that Yvette came into our lives for a reason, because after nagging my husband for 5 years to buy a rental property, all of a sudden with her help we bought a house in few days. So, she is here on this planet to make people’s dreams to come true and make people happy. I have to say That Yvette is a person of action, gets stuff happen, quick to respond, incredibly sharp and has great people skills. She was very impressive guiding us through the process of buying a property. Yvette was very professional and knowledgeable in our buying process. She paid attention to every little detail, what can be done and asked for. I felt that she represented us to the best of her ability, with every effort to make our experience the best it could be. She s a great negotiator, communicator and wheeler/ dealer. She is one of those people who gets the stuff done. It was absolute pleasure to work with Yvette and I would recommend her in a heart beat.

Alan Marshall

We owe you a huge thank you for going above and beyond our expectations in our search for a house for our daughter. We so much appreciated your expertise, honesty and professionalism. Your attention to detail and your knowledge of where to go to check out the various permits and approvals was obviously learned from many years in the business and you spared no effort to share that experience with us. You left no stone unturned, and your critical assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each house gave us great confidence in appraising the many properties that you showed us. We would highly recommend your services to any future customers.

Ian Payne Fitzsimmons

Yvette was outstanding to work with! Very professional and detailed in everything that she does. She took the time to explain the current market conditions and factors to consider before listing. This took the stress out of the selling process and allowed us to focus on other important decisions regarding our upcoming move. Her recommendations on house staging before sale was invaluable in attracting potential buyers and creating a memorable first impression. Eye catching marketing and photography were instrumental in helping generate interest and viewings before the property officially listed. Resulting in a quick sale compared to other listings in the area. Yvette is highly recommended!

Domenico & Simona Loria

My wife and I at first we're just browsing homes and getting an idea of what home and what area we wanted to live in. Yvette was very understanding that we were not ready to buy yet and it would take a few months before we decided. She still went out of her way especially during this pandemic and busy schedule to take the time and show us homes to get an idea of what home would suit us the best, We were extremely picky on the home we wanted. After viewing plenty of homes and her extreme paintence we came across a home we loved. My wife and I are grateful to have had Yvette Nesry as the realtor for our purchase. She was extremely patient and accommodating throughout the entire process and she was always on the ball. She never pushed or rushed us to buy a home, She guided us with the right steps. Yvette booked multiple appointments for us to make sure that we were confident with our decision before proceeding. There are plenty of Realtors around but not like Yvette she actually cares about her clients and protects them from the dangerous and mistakes of buying the wrong home, Not only have we gained a great realtor but also gained a great friend. Thank you again Yvette we greatly appreciate your hard work and the help of finding our new home!

Therese S

It has been my pleasure to meet Yvette and celebrate the sale of not one but two of my Mother's condos in Calgary's Downtown Core/the 'up and coming' East Village area! Upon our first meeting, it was immediately evident that Yvette is incredibly knowledgable (& the applications of her knowledge/experience are truly myriad - from Condo Corp.'s to current/projected market conditions to staging/design/décor & much more), bright, passionate, hard-working, honest, efficient & very personable. My Mother felt confident when placing the sale of both units into Yvette's VERY capable hands and we were so surprised/pleased when Yvette sold both units in über short order - and by 'über short order', I mean in less than 2 weeks! I was also impressed by Yvette's ability to immediately connect with, anticipate & meet my Mother's needs as a traveling senior, how clearly and concisely we were guided through the process and even working late in to the night due to the time difference(s) to remotely wrap things up! Thank you Yvette!

Annemie Treier

From the moment we first met Yvette at an open house, we knew we were going to work with her and knew we would be in great hands! From the start, Yvette was welcoming, understanding, so helpful and reliable with an amazing go-getter attitude. My fiancé and I had initially started looking around at some properties and open houses out of curiosity; to see what we would like in our next house, what we wouldn't like, etc. By no means were we looking to buy quickly, we wanted to make sure we took the time to find a house that was close to 100% what we were looking for in a property. Yvette understood this very well and offered to help us narrow down the communities of interest, show us properties in different price ranges to point out important contrasts and details, offer advice on what to look for in a property and, most importantly, on what to watch out for. Yvette was always honest about which houses would make good investments and we never felt pressured. What we most appreciated about Yvette was how she, in a short period of time, made an effort to get to know us and how she was able to cater exactly to our preferences and style. Yvette listens to your requests, is very thorough and conscientious, and, above all, always has her client's best interest at heart. Her advice and experience from previous career paths and her professionalism as a realtor were invaluable. When we told Yvette that we were planning on keeping our previous home and using it as an income property, she was more than happy to offer advice and suggestions on how to go about the rental process, what to include in a lease and, again, what to look out for. Besides having a great new realtor to recommend to our friends and family that we will continue referring to in the future, we also feel like we have gained a great friend. We recommend Yvette to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property!

Lisa Wichorek

Yvette worked for over a year with us to find the exact property that worked for us. We had very specific needs that we were looking for and she was patient and worked with us to find what worked. Her knowledge of the market, industry network and the financial realm is a huge asset in her approach. As soon as we found the perfect house, she did everything she could to get us the best price and have all of our conditions met. When it came to closing she used very unique techniques to get us the very best deal that she could. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to work with an honest, charismatic and hard working realtor.

Jewell S

I was so very pleased when dealing with Yvette. She was very knowledgeable about the current market and pricing. I was kept up to date in all aspects of the sale even though I was out of the country. I would highly recommend Yvette to anyone!


What can I say about Yvette... she made the whole process very easy for us. Being it the first home for us, she helped us in every aspect possible, from the quality of the built to often ignored neighbourhood details. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly she is patient. We never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend Yvette as a great real estate agent.

Debby Crane

I can't say enough about the skill, experience, and knowledge Yvette brought when selling our house. We had a disappointing experience with the previous agent, who in 1 year didn't bring one client through and had 2 open houses that he sent other agents to do. Yvette herself did at least 2 open houses per month. I wasn't a big fan of open houses and had to be convinced. However, within 5 months the house ended up being purchased by a couple that came through one of her open houses. Yvette is genuine, honest, upfront, and brings immense experience and knowledge with her. She was well prepared at our initial meeting. She explained things clearly and answered questions honestly and realistically. You always felt that you were part of a team. She remained enthusiastic, creative, and committed to selling our house during a difficult economy in a price range and niche with extremely limited buyers.

Gurpreet Ranu

Yvette was very professional, efficient, made it easy for us to sign documents etc. even though we were in Edmonton and got the deal done in a day after the unit was listed. We got very close to what our asking price was. We did not get what we wanted because the market is down, so prices in downtown Calgary are low at present. I would hire Yvette again for sure and I highly recommend her to others. She will work hard to get your property sold quickly and get you close to your asking price. Very hard working lady for sure.

Norma Mitchell

We have no hesitation in recommending Yvette for a Real Estate Agent, whether you are buying or selling a home. She is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, honest and hard working. She helped us sell our home for a very good price by presenting it to its best advantage and quality marketing. She was just as enthusiastic in helping us find a home, had good negotiation skills and was honest in her appraisal of it. She also made the whole process fun with her great sense of humour.

Dennis Khattar

Yvette got us a great price on our new condo, she was firm in her negotiation and as a result we got into the condo well below market value....

Melanie Lavoie

Regardless if you are a first-time homeowner or seasoned veteran(s) in the market, you can count on Yvette to advocate with your best interests in mind. Her extensive experience in the real estate industry is evident, guiding you through the entire process from negotiation to closing the deal.

Zuzana Miklas

Yvette is one of the most reliable realtors we have ever met. She was selling our house by end of June 2020. She is taking the task at hand very seriously, is always accessible, and you can rest assured that she will use every possible avenue to get your house visible to potential buyers. She has analytical approach to work, thinks strategically and is passionate about her work she does. She works very hard for her clients, advocates for them, educates them if needed; she works with strong ethic and makes sure all is done right. If you need to sell the house she will do the work needed to be done by realtor, she is not pushing with the price unreasonably low, just to make sure she is not dealing with the property for long time. If you need a reliable, unbiased professional on your side she is the one. She understood our situation and bond we created with our house we were leaving, we got a special "memory present" from her, that will be with us wherever we move.

Rowen Fernando

Yvette bought a sense of professionalism and eye for detail that stood out amongst the many realtors we interviewed. She was available anytime to discuss any issues and was honest and forthright in all dealings. She helped us sell our home within 20 days of listing during the COVID-19 global pandemic! She is very highly recommended!

Kate Borovko

Yvette Nesry is a responsible person. She has been working with us for a couple of years with understanding and patience, always ready to show us any house from a selling list. Yvette educated us with variety questions about any kind of properties, cause we did not have any experience of living in a private house. We are highly pleased to meet that realtor. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Yvette was very caring for public safety and each time offered personal bags with gloves, shoe covers and sanitizer. If you need to buy a house, Yvette - is the best realtor for you! !

Ivan Lissel

Thank you so much Yvette! You went out of your way to meet my crazy schedule and made it a real pleasure. You are definitely well organized and summarized so many options with ease. When the right opportunity presented itself you acted fast and professionally and left no room for question or error. As such possession date should be a real breeze with no question marks. Again, thank you!

Ilan Graifer

Yvette has been an outstanding agent. She is a very knowledgeable and professional agent, who knows the market and can provide valuable insight. Our search for a house was somewhat long and took us close to two and a half years to find the house that we wanted, but Yevette worked with us throughout this time and was instrumental in helping us find the exact house that we were looking for. I would trust Yvette with all my real estate needs in the future. Given that I was probably one of the more demanding of her clients, I really appreciate her patience, professionalism and the highly positive attitude that she has. I have dealt with quite a few real estate professionals in the past, but Yvette is simply the Best.

Leslie T

Yvette was a wonderful agent for our family. She worked with us to sell our home quickly and with ease. She provided detailed information in respect of home sales in our neighbourhood and was responsive to our questions and comments. Yvette was always very quick to respond to our communications and provided us with timely feedback from potential buyers. I would most definitely recommend Yvette to family and friends.

Dave and Wilma Brunet

Yvette helped us with selling our home, and having developed a good rapport, she also helped us with purchasing a vacant lot on which we will build a house. Yvette helped us to negotiate and conclude the transaction seamlessly. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, experienced, honest and transparent. Yvette always puts her clients and their best interests first. Without a doubt, Yvette Nesry is our #1 choice in a realtor!

Brenda Boomhower

1 of the best ladies that I know in the world, she has a heart of gold. And is fantastic at what she loves to do. The best ever....

Dennis Khattar

This is the second time we've used Yvette as a realtor and as usual she did a great job selling our home! She walked us through every step thoroughly and advised us how to prepare, set up and stage our home properly to maximize the sale of our home. - Dennis Khattar

Katerina McCarron

This was our first experience buying a home that was not from a builder. Yvette not only did an amazing job walking us through every single step of the way, but also took the time to thoroughly explain the process to us and answer all of our questions. Yvette listened to what we were looking for in a home and found us multiple homes that met our very specific budget and requirements. She guided us through offers on three homes and was able to provide us with up to date market data to help guide our decisions. Before even seeing a home or list price we had all the information in hand. Yvette was assertive in booking us viewings and getting us information on houses we were interested in, before homes were even listed on the market. Yvette helped us navigate price wars and negotiate the price on our new home. Yvette was professional, punctual, through, timely, and available to us when were needed her. Yvette was also meticulous and ensuring all COVID screening and protocols were followed. When our home inspection was complete Yvette helped guide us and negotiate contract ammendments and get us the necessary repairs. Her expert market experience also helped to guide us to an excellent house inspector, lawyer, and kitchen renovation company. We would definitely recommend Yvette to any family or friends that are looking for an amazing realtor and will definitely be using her again in the future.

Vanessa Khattar

I would highly recommend Yvette Nesry as realtor. She helped us purchase a condo as a investment property last year and made the process effortless. With her negotiating and professionalism we decided to once again use her to sell our home this year. Once we reached out to her again she went above and beyond with guiding us through the process every step of the way. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns. She was able to sell our home immediately and for above asking price. Yvette Nesry exceeded my expectations as a realtor and will use again!

Leslie T

Yvette helped my husband and I purchase our home. She was responsive, flexible and patient to our needs as a busy family. She was knowledgable and proactive in identifying houses within our search criteria. Yvette offered insight and confidence when making our offer. She was hands on from the beginning of our search to finalizing the conditions of sale. Would absolutely recommend to family and friends. Thank you, Yvette!

Tiffany Tremblett

I would highly recommend Yvette to anyone that is selling their home. I had the pleasure working with her on selling my parents house, Yvette was very professional and always available when you needed her. Her commination was spectacular. You will not regret using her to sell your home.

Simon McCarron

Yvette helped my family with the purchase of our first home. She was very easy to work with and was more than accommodating of our schedules and needs as a family with young children. Yvette was quick to adapt to a quickly changing and competitive market. She is extremely knowledgeable about the home buying process and was quick to point out features and benefits of each of the homes we were interested in. Once we had narrowed down what we were interested in she was able to get us in to see some homes that were newly or about to be put on the market in order to help us get the home we wanted. During negotiation it was her professionalism that gave us the edge versus other bidders. Yvette was able to take our input and work with us to find the perfect home for my family. Yvette was recommended to us by another family member and we would definitely pass this recommendation along to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Andre S

Yvette was such a professional, knowledgeable, hard working and responsive agent. It’s clear she has a lot of experience in the field as she picked up on a lot of things related to the property, even when it wasn’t under her scope of practice. She’ll defend your interests to the end. Definitely will sign up with her again when buying or selling a property. Also, will be recommending her to everyone I know.

Dave and Wilma Brunet

Yvette is a real gem. A better realtor you will never find. Yvette is unique in that her analytical background gives her an in-depth understanding of the housing market in which she is able to extrapolate information that is relevant and valuable to you as a home seller or buyer. She also assisted us in purchasing a vacant lot to build a new home outside of Calgary and we couldn’t be happier. It has been 30 years since we had to go through this process of selling our home and Yvette was there every step of the way to guide and support us through the process. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and possesses many qualities that we value ourselves- integrity, transparency, honesty, trustworthy, a strong work ethic and excellent negotiator. Yvette is true to her word and is 100% loyal to her client. Yvette knows the right questions to ask, is always thinking ahead and is able to see the whole process, enabling her to work very efficiently and effectively for you. We are so blessed and so grateful to have Yvette as our realtor and new friend. Thanks to her, the whole process was effortless for us and we are extremely happy. Whether you are selling or buying a home, we “strongly” recommend Yvette Nesry. Simply put, there is no other realtor like her. She is truly one of a kind, and in our opinion, the best in her field!

Tatiana & Shimon Graifer

Yvette is a Supreme real estate professional!! She is very knowledgeable, hard working, and very detail-oriented realtor. The level of knowledge of the market allows her to find the right property, and she is not afraid to give an honest advice when one is needed. If she feels there is an issue with a property, she will let you know, and I would say she is always there to look out for your best interests. I highly recommend you choose Yvette Nesry as your realtor for any of your real estate needs! She is truly a professional! Tanya & Shimon.

Julia Le

Yvette did a fantastic job. She is quick, efficient and very professional. I was very happy as this was my first home and she made it very easy and painless. She went above and beyond and has a good eye for staging advice. I recently moved to Calgary and it was nerve racking. Yvette made it better! – Julia

Yuliya P

Great Job. You are the BEST!!!!!! You did a MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! High level of professionalism, very knowledgeable and educated. Quick in getting the best solution. I will highly recommend Yvette to my friends!!!!

Adam Fitzsimmons

My family has had the pleasure of working with Yvette for several properties over the past few years, as such I followed their recommendation to work with her. Yvette is knowledgable, dependable, and always available to answer our questions. I cannot recommend her enough.

Annemie Treier

Working with Yvette is an absolute no brainer. She is our go-to advisor when it comes to realty matters: Yvette is very knowledgeable, she does thorough research, helps brainstorm ideas as well as solutions and is always available for a quick phone call to answer questions. Every experience with Yvette is positive, personable, warm and solution oriented. You’re in great hands when you work with Yvette!

Chelsea Rogers

I loved working with Yvette. She was very patient with our family. She helped us articulate what we really needed in a new home and then helped us find a home that matched those needs. I would really recommend working with her.

Ross McCarron

Yvette was easy to work with and made sure we had all the information we need to make informed decisions. She was always available to answer all our questions. We’ve worked with Yvette on multiple occasion and will continue to do so for our future investments.

Aaron Rotman

Yvette is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. Her thorough knowledge of the market, recommendations on how prepare and stage our house, and patience answering my many many questions as we went through the selling process resulted in a very easy, very quick sale for more than we were expecting.

Ian Payne Fitzsimmons

Yvette was a pleasurer to work with! She is very professional and knowledgeable she also took the time to show us multiple properties until the right one came along. I have and will continue to recommend Yvette to all of my friends and family when buying or selling their properties.

Annemie Treier

Yvette is the best! We have been lucky to work with Yvette on several occasions, buying and selling, and have recommended her to all of our friends and family. Yvette is diligent, always ready to answer your questions and is extremely meticulous in making sure everything is how it should be. I highly recommend giving Yvette a call if you are looking to make some moves in real estate!


I found Yvette to be a seasoned professional with analytical skills not usually found in real estate agents. She shares her in-depth analysis of local market trends, comparables and pricing strategy to educate her client. Her enthusiasm is evident in all aspects of her relationship and her attention to detail is superb. Yvette was a pleasure to work with.

Arthur John Tighe

Realty Specialist; Yvette was recommended to me by my condo manager. I found Yvette to be very knowledgeable and totally helpful in the process of selling my Calgary condo. The sale was managed with expert skill by Yvette over a very short "List to Offer" time frame. I am very impressed with Yvette's professional attributes and her ability to read the market signals and trends to guide and progress a listing thru to a mutually agreed sale. So important to consider in my situation was the fact that I live on the other side of the World and all sale communication between Yvette and myself took place via cell phone and internet. Yvette coordinated the entire process for the successful sale of my condo to the satisfaction of all parties. For sure I would ask Yvette to be my Realtor for any future Real Estate transactions. Great Lady! Arthur John Tighe

Logan Lapierre

Yvette was amazing! She helped sell our home in less than a week! Wow! Can't believe how easy she made the process! She made quick decisions and guided us along the way so everything went super smoothly but also really quickly! Very happy! Definitely recommending her to my friends!

Ian Payne Fitzsimmons

Yvette helped us sell our home, she did an amazing job as usual! She takes the time to go over the important information, comparable properties, marketing strategies, timelines etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at buying or selling a property.

Christopher Robertson

I would recommend Yvette to anyone, her knowledge of the market is excellent and she made the buying process so easy....

Debby Crane

Yvette worked incredibly hard to sell our first, niche home in a very depressed market and did so in just 5 months. Having already experienced her honesty, integrity, professionalism, and understanding of the market, she was the obvious choice when it came time to sell our second home (in 9 hours at full asking price, no less!). Her write ups are a well written, descriptive, and honest representation with no grammatical or punctuation errors (a pet peeve of mine!). From beginning to end, she is there to work for you, not to make a fast sale and move on. She explains the options clearly so you can make an informed decision. Finding a realtor, whether to buy or to sell, can be scary. This is a non-issue if you choose Yvette to represent you. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Louise Robertson

Thanks to Yvette always being available no matter what time of day or day of the week, the whole process of buying in a very hectic market went very smoothly. Without Yvette’s guidance we would not have had the knowledge to negotiate our way through the Calgary Real estate market. – Louise”

Geta Racovita

I have had the opportunity to work with Yvette on the selling of my home in the past year and now with the purchase of my Condo which I love. She's very honest and hard working with a lot of integrity. I 100% recommend her for your real estate needs. Thank you Yvette!

Ross McCarron

This is our third time working with Yvette in the last two years and as always, she bring her expertise and experience that help us make the right decisions....

Vlad D

Yvette is a highly-organized agent who's able to produce a large number of qualified leads. To get the maximum from your cooperation, be ready to adapt her tried and proven process. Yvette knows the city, its areas and their good and bad points. With her help, we were able to narrow down our search quickly and eventually found the house that fits all our criteria.

Dennis Khattar

We are repeat customers for Yvette and once again she did an amazing job for us ! Extremely pleased with her service and advice.

Candace W

Thank you so much for all the time and patience you have shown us throughout the home buying process. We appreciate what you have done for us. We are beyond excited to finally have our new home!...

Simon McCarron

This was our second time working with Yvette. Yvette was great to work with. She sold our condo quickly despite us having a tenant occupying the unit....

Larisa Dyuzheva

Yvette is very organized and punctual. She knows the city well and helped us in choosing an area suitable for our criteria's. My worries about moving to another city were baseless and we were rewarded by buying a beautiful house with Yvette. Thank you Yvette very much.

Paul Jaffe

Yvette is very knowledgable, easy to work with and readily available for all enquiries. The listing was well presented and I feel she represented my interests very well. I would certainly use her again for any future realtor needs in the Calgary area.

Mollie Robertson

Yvette has spent the last few years coaching us through the ups and downs of home buying until we were finally ready to make our first ever purchase! She was always ready to immediately answer emails/calls at any moment and worked tirelessly to help us make sure we made the right decisions. When we found the right home for us she fought for us and helped us make a competitive offer that still protected us as the buyer, which we really appreciated as cautious people! We would recommend Yvette to everyone!

Maribel Garcia

Yvette is detail-oriented and very hands on with her approach. She helped us with the whole process, and put us at ease during the transaction. Yvette kept us updated constantly as well. She was amazing and we can't thank her enough for her performance!!!

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